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Add 20kg to your squat – the Russian way

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“Smolov” is a 13 week squat programme, designed by the Russian who gave the name. It runs over a 13 week period, with varying load, volume and frequency – although usually only the volume ends up being low… Before you even plan on attempting Smolov, you need to bear in mind it IS a 13 week programme. Not a ‘4 weeks then do something else’ programme, or a ‘I’ll spread it out over 18 weeks programme’. There’s usually a reason that a programme is put together the way it is, and usually we shouldn’t presume we’re more knowledgeable or smarter than the person who came up with it. And you know what, even if you are – just do it that way anyway. It works. Another caveat – you’ll be squatting more frequently than most have ever squatted before. That means a few things: Firstly, if your squat form isn’t pretty much A-OK you’re going to get hurt. If you’ve not been squatting for at least a year, or at least have someone to watch over every rep, don’t bother. There are plenty of beginner (or advanced beginner if that makes you feel better) programmes around. This isn’t one of them. Second, even if you are a proficient squatter, the odds are you haven’t squatted 3-4 times a week for 3 months before. I certainly hadn’t, but I had done the 20 rep squats widowmaker programme a few times in the past. Squatting at that frequency, for the first time, is going to hurt at first. I promise you, it does settle down after the first couple of weeks, but chances are, you’re going to have heavy legs for at least the first months. If you need to be fit for a sport during those three months, it’s probably not the programme for you. Third, you may need to consider equipment you’ve never used before, or used sparingly in the past. Your knees will probably thank you for wearing knee sleeves (relatively inexpensive here). Likewise, getting your core set right for each heavy rep is certainly helped by a decent belt (such as here). Personally, my best investment was a decent pair of squatting shoes from here. You CAN...

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