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Fitness Myth #1 – Eating Healthily is Expensive

By on Aug 24, 2012 in Articles | 0 comments

In this day and age, with access to more cheap, nutritious food than ever before, the health and fitness lie that eating well costs more than eating junk, is just, well, a myth. Of course, it’s possible to go to extremes. Only eating grass-fed bison, milk direct from the farm, Himalayan pink salt, vegetables only grown in the sacred foothills of an obscure mountain….etc etc. You get the picture. That kind of diet, whilst undoubtedly healthy, is also expensive and beyond the reach of most people.               However, to eat meat from a butcher, vegetables and fruit from a grocer and the rest of your produce selected carefully from amongst the rubbish offered in the supermarkets is not only possible – it’s cheaper. With a slow cooker (pick one up for less than a tenner) and a bit of imagination, you can make bulk batches of chili, stew, soup, curries etc for far less than £1 a portion. That’s properly nutritious, filling food for less than a toxin and sugar-filled ready-meal. You can eat well for £3 a day. Remind me how many Big Macs that buys? Or that Domino’s takeaway that’s £25 every Friday night?               So, yes, you can go overboard and spend a lot more on your food (and personally I believe it’s worth it. Skimping on the quality of only source of nutrients and energy your body gets is beyond stupid, in my opinion), but you can also eat a superb diet for £20-£25 a week. How? Bulk buy. It appears more expensive at first, but per portion will DRAMATICALLY reduce your costs. Get a good relationship with a butcher, and they’ll often give you discounts or extra produce. Buy frozen veg (spinach/peppers/broccoli/kale/diced onions) to use in stews, curries etc. Not only is it far cheaper, but it doesn’t go off (and get wasted) and is often packed with more nutrients than the so-called fresh produce. Cook in batches. Don’t make one portion. Make 5, eat one, freeze the rest. Find somewhere to bulk buy eggs. There’s no need to pay £2 for 6 that most supermarkets charge. You can get 30 for...

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