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Three Foods You Think Are Healthy (And Why You’re Wrong)

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Let’s get straight into this, because these are the most common myths I have to dispel with new clients when I first try to get them eating a little better: 1. Most cereals (let’s name Special K and Fruit’n’Fibre as chief villains) The vast majority of cereals contain a huge amount of sugar. Special K, for example, is 17% sugar. Fruit’n’Fibre is a whopping 24% sugar. These are products sold under the illusion and marketing banner of a health food. They are NOT health food. They are making you fat, they are ruining your concentration in the mornings, and they are messing with your blood sugar levels every time you eat them. Take a look at the nutritional information every time you pick up a pack of cereal. You’ll be surprised at the huge amounts of sugar in Bran Flakes, Corn Flakes, Shreddies and Frosties (ok, maybe Frosties aren”t a surprise). 2. Fat-free yoghurts Fat-free, in the world of “healthy eating” marketing, generally translates to “we’ve taken out the good stuff and replaced it with sugar, so we can say low fat”. Thing is, fat is rarely the problem, excess, pointless sugar is. And guess what they’ve replaced the fat with? You got it – sugar. Muller Lites? 13% sugar per pot – that’s nearly three heaped teaspoons in every pot. Still sound like the healthy choice?   3. Fruit juices Fruit juices were originally created to be a part of soldier’s rations as a way of getting extra calories and vitamin C to the frontline. They were never intended to be part of a healthy diet. Same goes for huge fruit smoothies. What you are essentially doing is pouring pure fructose down your throat, without any of the fibre that would come with eating the actual fruit. There’s more vitamin C in broccoli than orange juice, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a great choice for adding vital nutrients. In sugar terms, it’s only marginally better than having a Coke.   Want to be notified about more free content, and receive free subscriber-only giveaways? Leave us your details! Email Address First Name Last...

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