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Healthy eating…or is it?

By on Feb 20, 2012 in Articles | 0 comments

This time of year, anyone who has been wanting to lose weight for a while tends to end up at least considering Weight Watchers or Slimming World, or any one of the other myriad of slimming clubs around the country. This blog entry is my attempt to try and make people see these clubs as a business first, and as an effective slimming aid second (and I’m being kind….). Firstly, a positive. I”m 100% supportive of anyone who decides to tackle weight issues, or their nutrition, rather than blindly carrying on eating the kind of quality/amounts that have negatively affected their health. This blog isn’t an attack on individuals who follow these schemes, it’s a commentary on the hypocrisy of big-business telling you what to eat, and deliberately, wilfully mis-leading you to make a profit. Let me give you some examples: Example One Weight Watchers has teamed up with McDonald’s to allow the fast-food outlet to use the “Weight Watchers” logo to endorse some of their menu items. You know, the same McDonalds that is renowned the world over for promoting and selling healthy meals…don”t believe me? Check these articles here and here. Example Two A SlimFast shake, in it’s powder form, consists of 48% sugar. A typical serving size, made up with skimmed milk, contains 30g of sugar. That’s 3 grams more than in a Mars Bar. In fact, it’s rather like shooting fish in a barrel – the slimming club branded items are almost invariably made from the lowest quality ingredients, and often higher in sugar than “normal” ready meals (which are also awful, but that’s beside the point). This blog could run to hundreds of examples of why foods endorsed by these companies are not part of a “balanced, healthy diet”. Recently, Weight Watchers have revised their guidelines and made fruit a “zero point” food. Now, fruit contains fructose (sugar) in often considerable quantities (for example, three HEAPED teaspoons from your average apple…). I’m the first to say that if you’re going antimalware service executable virus to have sugar, have it from an apple and not a chocolate bar, but to suggest that you can eat unlimited fruit is as ridiculous a concept as a cabbage-soup only diet....

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