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Kettlebells – Welcome to the Revolution!

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Kettlebells aren’t simply a new fad. At the most basic level, they are essentially weight-lifting, or resistance training; and can be used in much the same way as ‘traditional’ lifting. Where kettlebells come into their own, though, is the nature of the design. Kettlebells are off-centre – that is to say, the main bulk of the weight is always a little further away from the body than is the case with dumbbells, or barbells. Normal gym-work teaches us to keep control and always know where the weight is; kettlebells take that concept and throw it out of the window. The whole point of kettlebell training is that your body doesn’t always know where the weight is, and as a consequence your muscles have fight to keep stability and control. This constant battle for stability is at the heart of what any kettlebell enthusiast will tell you – they’re fantastic for core development, both appearance AND strength. A training tool that gives you an impressive midsection as a by-product? Now we’re talking…! So, if KBs are so great, why doesn’t everyone train with them? Well, like anything, it comes down to your individual goals. Want to be a 200lb, 8% body fat bodybuilder? You’re not going to build enough muscle solely with kettlebells to hit that goal. Need to drop from 300lbs to a ‘normal’ weight for your size? Again, kettlebells are unlikely to help; you’re unlikely to have the range of movement and basic fitness levels to make the best of them. So who are kettlebells perfect for? In my opinion as a PT, the list below are the kind of people who will get the most out of kettlebell training: Anyone looking to lose body fat Women seeking to gain a ‘toned’ appearance who have no interest in traditional weight-training Regular gym-goers who wish to build muscle whilst keeping body-fat levels under control Almost any person involved in a sport that demands a good level of CV conditioning Anyone who has ever used the simple phrase ‘I just want to get fitter’ Strength trainers who rarely venture into higher rep ranges Anyone who takes part in endurance activities (including marathons, 10ks, etc) When you first start training with...

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