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Personal trainer in Nottingham

Personal Trainer In Nottingham

No gimmicks, no quick-fixes. Just honest, solid personal training methods and advice to help you get results…whatever your goal.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer based in West Bridgford, Lady Bay and Nottingham City Centre, we can help you:

 Gain muscle using methods guaranteed to work

 Improve your diet without banning foods

 Increase your performance at your chosen sport

 Rehab an injury and prevent future incidents

 Train through your pregnancy and get back into shape afterwards

Virtual PT – Online Personal Training and Nutrition


If you’re currently at a gym, or have your own equipment at home, our ‘Virtual Personal Trainer’ arrangement is perfect. Unlimited training and nutrition support via email, including nutritional planning matched to YOU and effective training plans based on the equipment you have available, your goals, and the times you are able to train.

You take care of the physical effort, and let RWF take care of all your planning.

Personal Training Gym In Nottingham

Real World Fitness operate a gym just outside Nottingham City Centre. We’re easy to access from the city, and from West Bridgford, Lady Bay and Colwick areas in particular.

We have private changing facilities, toilets and showers.

For more details of the full RWF Gym, please visit If you aren’t after personal training, no problem – the gym is open to everyone. We offer day passes for £6 (pack of ten for £50) and monthly memberships for £50 per month.

There’s also plenty of parking – we have ten spaces dedicated to the gym and pretty much unlimited free on-street parking.



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Real World Fitness was set up to make health and fitness simpler.

Being fit, healthy and strong is hard work, but ANYONE can do it.

If you’re in Nottingham, we can work with you face to face to get results.


We will get you results

We’ll do it realistically and, more importantly, in a way you can stick to. The best training and nutrition plan in the world is worthless if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

We’ll make sure that your effort and determination is channeled into the right places, saving you months or years to get where you want to be. We will help you to see through all the conflicting advice out there, and get to your goals quicker.

We will save you time

At RWF, we have a genuine passion for health and fitness – this is a vocation for the PTs here, not just a job. We genuinely enjoy helping people getting fitter, stronger and healthier.

We will not waste your time with methods that are ineffective, or incompatible with your life.

We have over 30,000 hours of experience between us

Between the team at RWF, we have a huge wealth of real-life, face-to-face experience training people.

We’ve seen people from all walks of life, all professions, and all ability levels succeed with us.

It’s highly unlikely we can’t help you – but if we can’t, we know our limitations and we’ll refer to someone better suited for you.





Real World Fitness are a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Do you want to lose weight?


If your answer is yes, you join over 50% of the UK’s population that isn’t happy with their weight.



If you’re reading this page, it means you’ve already decided to make a change.




You’ve come to the right place.



At RWF, we won’t bamboozle you with science. We won’t force you to eat only green things, or starve yourself for two days a week. We won’t tell you never to eat chocolate, and we won’t ban you from nights out with friends.

We’ll treat you like a person. We know you have a life and that you want this ‘new me’ process to fit in around it. We also know you realise there will be changes needed.

We promise that:

  1. We will not ruin your social life, and your health, in the pursuit of the body you want.
  2. We’ll get you there, with as much support as you need.
  3. We’ll improve your health and make you fitter, stronger and more confident in the process.

We won’t stand and shout at you while you exercise.

We won’t tell you off and treat you like a child for having a bad weekend, or making mistakes.

We will help you to find ways to make a healthier, fitter lifestyle start to become an enjoyable part of your life – not an intrusion into it.

One-to-One Personal Training in Nottingham

Real World Fitness can get you fitter, stronger and help banish joint and back pain.

Whatever your fitness goal, you’ll be guaranteed 100% attention and dedication to help get you there. These sessions will be designed with your input, to make sure you get an understanding of your training.

Check out our prices page for more details.

This training can be specifically targeted:

We enjoy a fully-equipped Nottingham city centre gym – stocked with everything you need to succeed.

View some client testimonials here

Get in touch and tell us what YOU want to achieve.


Virtual Personal Training


If you’re currently at a gym, or have your own equipment at home, it’s worth considering a ‘Virtual PT’ arrangement. Unlimited training and diet support via email, including a nutrition plan matched to your goals and effective training plans based on the equipment you have available, your goals, and the times you are able to train. You take care of the physical effort, and let RWF take care of all your nutrition and exercise planning.

This is a three month package at £200, or £375 for six months. Just get in touch via the Contact Us page.

The Virtual PT arrangement involves RWF setting you calorie and macro-nutrient targets based on your goals, and helping you with identifying the best foods/meals to hit those targets. We also do full meal planning for people who’d rather follow a set menu. The food planning is not restrictive, and within your targets allows you to eat without overly strict rules.

The exercise element involves RWF planning your training, giving you monthly or six-weekly workout schedules based on the equipment and time you have available and your progress. RWF also happily review any video footage you take of your exercise form to ensure everything is being done properly, although the video element is not essential.

You would have unlimited access to RWF via email/text/phone for the entire period – no question too daft!

To get started on this Virtual Personal Training arrangement, please get in touch via the Contact Us page. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the service you would like clarifying before committing, please contact us here

Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are a hugely popular form of resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning. Shaped like cannonballs with handles, these weights come in many different sizes to suit all abilities. The benefits from introducing kettlebell training to your life are vast – nothing comes close to making such drastic improvements in CV ability, fat loss and muscular endurance.

Our basic three-session course costs £120. Each session lasts an hour, and you’ll learn all the essential kettlebell moves and how to implement them into established training sessions and drills. You’ll also learn some basic tricks to improve your fitness to get the best out of your training. We even throw in a free individualised diet plan, matched up to YOUR goals! We guarantee after three sessions, you’ll be hooked!



We now offer sports massage and injury therapy in Nottingham at Real World Fitness.

Please get in touch to book in for your sports massage.

The cost is £45 for an initial visit including a consultation, then £40 per session subsequently.


Who am I seeing?

Tim Wheatcroft is a fully qualified , experienced sports massage therapist and personal trainer.


Seti Singleton-Leo is a fully qualified sports injury therapist with thousands of hours of experience dealing with joint and soft tissue injuries.

We have a dedicated massage room within the RWF Gym in Nottingham, ensuring your massage is private and undisturbed. We have shower and change facilities available, so it’s possible to freshen up before/afterwards, making it easy to come before or after work.

To book in for a session with either Tim or Seti, please get in touch


I found Real World Fitness after googling back pain recovery training and saw some of the recommendations from their clients on the website so thought I would give it a go.

This was October 2015. After stopping playing rugby in 2013 due to niggling injuries I had flared up a back injury caused by a mixture of driving 2,000 miles a month with work, sitting in an office all day and not doing enough core strength or flexibility work.

I had a prolapsed disc, causing sciatica and due to the pain I had stopped any training for about a year and a love of beer and food had helped me pile on some weight. I also had reached a point where I couldn’t put my socks on in a morning without pain and a struggle, which for anyone who has had a similar issue is a really morale sapping way to start the day.

Derran and Tim worked with me to understand what I could & couldn’t do (at this point I couldn’t squat or deadlift an empty barbell without pain) and talked through where I wanted to get to in the future. They then built an initial 3 month plan based on building my core strength, weak hamstrings and glutes and working me back up toward some of the main lifts. Previously during my rugby days I had squatted 100kg+ comfortably and neared 200kg for my deadlift so I also didn’t want to start from literally the bar in a public gym, so the private 121 PT was perfect for me as I rebuilt my confidence.

By December 2015 I had got a good level of strength and confidence back at the end of the three months, but I hadn’t really looked at my diet or nutrition. I had done a triathlon through work for fun and enjoyed it, so decided to sign up for a ‘Half Iron’ distance event in August 2016 to train toward.

Derran helped me build a new strength programme to supplement my triathlon training and also some nutrition parameters and targets for my body weight.

So, at the 1st January 2016 I was 112kg (17st 6lbs) and 31% body fat. The long road ahead had a number of milestones built in to it, which always meant I had short terms goals to achieve and every time I strayed or missed them a raised eyebrow from Derran was usually enough to quieten my excuses and regain some focus for the week/month ahead.

I need to be held accountable and the RWF team found just the right balance in holding me to my own personal commitments but with focus 90% of the time I could plan the odd boozy weekend with friends and family and not feel guilty as I knew it was part of the plan. These planned ‘cheat’ days or weekends actually helped me stay on the wagon.

And so on 21st August 2016 I completed my ‘Half Iron’ triathlon, a total distance of 70.3 miles in a time of 5 hours and 52 minutes. (Swim 1.2mile: 35m 25s / Bike 56mile: 3hr 5m / Run 13mile: 2hr 4m).


My target had been under 7 hours, near 6 if possible, but that meant I had to set PBs in every individual event. I weighed in before the event at 100kgs, so in the previous 8 months I had lost 12kgs, almost 2 stone. But in the final two months I had actually stopped worrying about the scales as my training had got harder and I had increased my calories to support the training. Plus I felt much more confident with how I looked so the number on the scales became secondary.


I will now be signing up for a full Iron Man triathlon in 2017 and will be working with the team on my programming for the next 12 months!

I cannot speak highly enough of what the team at RWF have done for me to support all aspects of my life and training over the past 10 months. Thank you!!!

Mike Grogan Mike Grogan